ServiceMaster of Hamilton

recognizes the contributions of

Naveen Kumar


Since joining ServiceMaster of Hamilton, Naveen Kumar has proven himself to be an integral part of our team.  Naveen is not just an essential employee for us, he is an EVERYDAY HERO to us for simply being who he is!


As an Associate with our customer Amazon, it is Naveen’s dedication to hard work that makes him a remarkable member of our team.  Naveen always shows dedication to getting the job done right and to supporting his team on how to get there!  We always know that if an issue or a challenge arises, we need only to send Naveen in to help us get it resolved!  Naveen’s dedication and expertise has truly been remarkable!


We are certain that we would not be as successful in what we do without Naveen on our team! 


“Thank you, Naveen, for your smile and dedication and simply just being you! 

You are most certainly our EVERYDAY HERO!”