ServiceMaster of Hamilton

recognizes the contributions of

Aidis Gureckas


Aidis Gureckas has been proudly serving the customers of ServiceMaster of Hamilton since 2015.  Aidis is not just an essential employee for us, he is an EVERYDAY HERO in our business for simply being who he is!


As an essential cleaning associate with our customer, Amazon, Aidis has consistently shown a commitment to his work with not only professionalism but with a bright smile!  Aidis always goes the extra mile to ensure Webster Alley, the front entrance and parking lots are clean and safe!  His dedication to our customer not only makes their facility shine but also makes us shine! 


We are certain that we would not be as successful in what we do without Aidis!


“Thank you, Aidis, for always showing up and simply just being you! 

You are most certainly our EVERYDAY HERO!”