ServiceMaster of Hamilton recognizes the contributions of INDIRA BRIJMOHAN


Indira Brijmohan has been proudly serving the customers of ServiceMaster of Hamilton since 2018.  As one of our Supervisors, Indira is not just an essential employee for us, she is an EVERYDAY HERO in our business for simply being who she is!


As all of our associates know, Indira is known as our non-stop Supervisor!  She can often be found running around and helping whomever might need it, day or night!  No one quite knows where Indira gets all her energy but we and our customer, Amazon, are certainly grateful for the dedication she shows to getting a job well done! 


We are certain that we would not be as successful in what we do without Indira as part of our team! 


“Thank you, Indira, for your boundless energy and simply just being you! 

You are most certainly our EVERYDAY HERO!”